The MB-10 bedpan washer-disinfector is designed to wash and disinfect human waste containers. It is built to empty, rinse, wash and disinfect urinal bottles and bedpans, all in one cycle. This saves time, as well as reduces the number of activities necessary to be performed by the staff.

A front-loading system makes the MB-10 very easy to load and unload. The bedpan washer is equipped with an integrated functional washing rack. It also ensures that all of the containers are completely emptied when the door is closed, before the washing process starts.

The A0 value is used to determine the level of microbial inactivation and is calculated from the disinfection temperature and time. Its control ensures correct and repeatable disinfection results. The MB-10 washer displays a graph with the A0 value, which is updated in real time.

  • reliable and effective disinfection
  • small footprint
  • convenient loading and unloading system
  • real-time A0 monitoring
  • integrated detergent cabinet
  • detergent and neutralizer level control
  • cooling of washed items
  • innovative spraying system
MB 10
Chamber dimensions
– width 500 mm
– depth 320 mm
– height 600 mm
– bedpans / male urinal bottles per cycle 1/1
– width 550 mm
– depth 585 mm
– height 1620 mm