About us

SMS was established in 1946 and is a reputable manufacturer of sterilizers since.

In 2018 we opened a brand new state of the art manufacturing facility, and partly robotized, just outside Warsaw.

Our portfolio of sterilization and disinfection control solutions are trusted by hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

At SMS we are driven by a passion for Quality. Both for our products and services.

Our attention to detail, from Research and Development through manufacturing, up to installation has been recognized by many customers. Making SMS a leading producer not only in Poland but also worldwide.

Besides our Infection Control devices we offer complete turnkey solutions, consultation and feasibility studies for our partners.

Quality Management

SMS introduced a Quality Management System based on ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Our devices comply with European standards and directives (CE).

Continuously we are monitoring and seeking to optimize our processes, products and performance. Our employees are educated to follow process and product specifications, recognize risks and possible improvements.

Over 70 years of activity

A wide range of products


Customer satisfaction


Sustainability at SMS focuses on the areas where opportunities for our business intersect with social and environmental impact.

We aim to achieve sustainable growth, deliver life changing technology and recreate value in communities in the world.


How it all began

SMS is a Polish company founded in 1946 under the name „Spółdzielnia pracy Mechaników Samochodowych S.M.S.”. In the first few years we manufactured an assortment of small and medium devices, mainly for the healthcare and food industries. One of which was a coffee machine, which was very popular in cafes, bars and restaurants.

In the 50’ SMS found it’s true calling – steam sterilizers. The first models had a vertical, cylindrical chamber and a hinged door that had to be sealed manually using locking handles. As CSSDs evolved so did our sterilizers. They had to meet the standards being implemented in sterilization wards so a new line of sterilizers with a horizontal, rectangular chamber and doors on both sides was developed. Later the doors with manual locking mechanisms were upgraded to vertically sliding doors with an automatic sealing system. This is how the AS family of steam sterilizers was born.

Main sterilizer lines

The AS66 has come a long way since it’s conception and is constantly upgraded. Resulting to be the best sterilizer in its class. This approach and high product quality have been recognized by our customers making the AS66 series our best-selling range of products worldwide. There are times when sterilizers with smaller capacities, than those offered by the AS66, are needed. To meet this need SMS introduced two additional sterilizer lines.

The AS44 series consists of two models with a small footprint ideal for sterilizing facilities processing smaller loads or where space is a constraint. The second option is the AS 366 range that was designed a companion for the AS66 family, when one big sterilizer is not enough but two would be too much. It has all the innovations of it’s bigger brothers so it can also be used as a standalone machine.

The vertical, cylindrical chamber is a solid and reliable design. Despite the fact that it could not be used in CSSDs with a dirty, clean and sterile zone layout, we continued to develop this concept for other applications. Our ASL steam sterilizer family utilizes this concept and is a modern, innovative and very efficient range of sterilizers designed for laboratories and research facilities.

From sterilizers to decontamination solutions

Our company was built on steam sterilizers, but throughout the years we have added additional types of equipment, stainless steel furniture, ultrasonic washers, washer-disinfectors and more based on client feedback. Listening and understanding both the users’ and the industries’ requirements helped us to shift our focus from steam sterilizers and additional equipment to supplying whole decontamination systems.

New and big ideas need more space. In 2018 we relocated our company to a bigger facility in Góra Kalwaria, just outside Warsaw. Here, the extra space let us upgrade the machines we had and add new ones. This enabled us to redesign our product portfolio, expand it and implement new concepts, which signifies another great step towards offering you full solutions for CSSDs, laboratories and other industries.

Please check out our new washer-disinfectors MD10 and MD15 with vertically sliding doors and a wide selection of washing trolleys to help you choose a solution tailored to your needs. If you are looking for low temperature sterilizes we offer two plasma sterilizers. The P50 a 64 liter table top version and the P150 a 135 liter free standing sterilizer.