Fully integrated CSSD solutions

Our equipment and services enable our customers to confidently and efficiently deliver reprocessed medical instruments to the operating rooms. We can assist you in developing an efficient and cost effective workflow as well as secure patient safety.

From the OR to cleaning and disinfection

Unclean instruments arrive in the decontamination zone to be disassembled, sorted, manually pre-cleaned, washed in ultrasonic washers before being loaded into the washer disinfector.

From cleaning and disinfection to sterilization

In this zone, clean and disinfected instruments are inspected, set aside for maintenance or repair, reassembled and wrapped for sterilization in a steam or low-temperature sterilizer.

From sterilization to storage

After sterilization the sterile packed instruments and instrument sets are ready for storage. SMS offers racked sets and various distribution trolleys for internal transport.

How we can support you?

SMS provides professional support and advice throughout the planning process. From the earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction. We’ll help you gain an understanding of capacity need, discover the optimized logistic flow of instruments, equipment and staff. Our designers from the architectural planning department are available to help you with your project.