Stainless steel furniture

Furniture manufactured by SMS is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and disinfect.

You will find a wide selection of products in the following categories:

  • Tables
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Scrub sinks
  • Additional equipment

Tables are the primary work surface, which is why we offer a wide selection of tables for various applications.

Standard tables are available in two heights to accommodate work done in a sitting or standing position. We are aware that furniture is placed into existing rooms, which are usually already partly furnished. To make it easier for our clients to arrange their space, we offer tables in three widths and lengths ranging from 60 to 200 cm.

Sink tables are available in one height equal to that of our standard high tables, which allows them to be combined to facilitate work. A large selection of table top lengths and configurations with one, two or three chambers means that we can perfectly fit a sink table into the space intended for it.

We also offer specialized tables that have been designed for specific work with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The packaging station is an extended version of the regular table. It allows you to place a sealer, attach a sleeve distributor and hang baskets and attach other accessories that are needed to prepare packages for sterilization. Additional equipment allows you to increase the functionality of this station even further.

The illuminated table is another special table. The backlit frosted glass in the middle of the table makes it an indispensable tool for viewing, sorting and folding surgical wear and other materials. If more workspace is needed, this illuminated table can be joined with standard tables, creating a larger desktop.

Instrument trolleys have been designed not only to ease the transportation of materials, instruments and equipment to the CSSD and after sterilization to hospital departments, but also to facilitate the use of sterilized objects (e.g. during operations or procedures).

Closed trolleys allows sterile or contaminated materials to be transported in a way that isolates them from the environment. If an even greater barrier is needed, we recommend trolleys that have doors  with gaskets.

We also offer special trolleys for transporting sterilization baskets, paper sheets, as well as containers and baskets that comply with ISO dimension standards.

The modular furniture system includes base cabinets, countertops, tall and hanging cabinets which allows you to pick a set that is ideally suited to your needs. Regardless of whether it is an operating theater, treatment room, CSSD room, laboratory or pharmacy, our employees will help you choose furniture sets that will increase efficiency, comfort and ease of work.

In addition, we offer hook racks for STU size containers, stainless steel storage pallets and wall shelves.

Patient and staff safety is our priority, which is why our offer includes scrub sinks. Regardless of whether it is a treatment room, CSSD or manufacturing plant, everywhere high sanitary requirements must be met and thorough hand washing is a must, our scrub sinks are perfect choice. If an even higher level of hygiene is required, scrub sinks models with non-contact faucets are available.

The pass-through cabinet allows the transfer of contaminated materials, instruments and equipment between two rooms, preventing cross contamination and restricting personnel movement between these rooms.

Plaster bandage soaking stations are a very convenient solution for casting rooms. They are not only an easy way to soaking plaster-impregnated bandages, but also prevent the drain from clogging thanks to a removable plaster trap. The whole station is manufactured form stainless steel making it easily be washed and kept clean.

As additional equipment we also offer benches for changing and storing footwear, step stools as well as waste bag carts.