The UM 642 ultrasonic cleaner is designed as a versatile device for tool pre-cleaning that has a small footprint.  It can be used for both manual and ultrasonic cleaning. This makes UMD 642 an excellent addition to tool pre-treatment systems in all CSSDs.

The UM 642 cleaner has a sink mixer with a pull-out spout. To further increase the ease of use and expand the washing capabilities of the manual side, it is equipped with a water spray gun with a set of 6 replaceable nozzles. If the UM 642 is connected to a compressed air system, the gun can also be used for air drying.

A very intuitive and easy to use control panel, in the ultrasonic side, allows users to program the washing temperature, washing time and select the ultrasonic mode. It also displays the current temperature of the washing bath and the time remaining until its completion.

Chamber dimensions
– width 600 mm
– height 400 mm
– depth 250 mm
Overall dimensions
– width 1400 mm
– height 850 mm
– depth 600 mm
Working frequency 40 kHz
Temperature range 20 – 80°C
Washing time range 0 – 99 min
Ultrasonic power 1 kW
Heating power 1,6 kW
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Weight 85 kg