The P50 low-temperature plasma sterilizer has been designed to meet the need for an easy to use, reliable and economical tabletop sterilizing unit. It is perfectly suited for health care institutions that sterilize medical instruments and equipment made of heat sensitive materials in small batches. No toxic residues are released to the environment, only water vapor and oxygen. Our P50 is safe for the operator, the patient and environment.

Common applications include sterilizing the following

  • products made of synthetic polymer materials
  • products made of glass or metal (aluminium, titanium, stainless steel)
  • medical optical systems and fiber-optic cables
  • medical electrical tools and cables
  • endoscopes and various probes
  • ultrasonic medical instruments
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • medical tools and accessories
  • tube-shaped products made of stainless steel
  • single door tabletop sterilizer
  • no drainage or ventilation required
  • rectangular chamber with guides, on two levels, for sterilization trays
  • sterilized equipment is ready for use instantly after the sterilization process
  • microprocessor controller assures a fully automatic and safe completion of the selected sterilization program
  • 7” color touchscreen control panel with a user friendly interface
  • easy to read process chart (temperature and pressure)
  • thermal printer with simple paper loading (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printers are an option)
  • provides a print-out of the entire sterilization process, including alerts
  • remote control and monitoring
External dimensions
– height 779 mm
– width 725 mm
– depth 880 mm
Sterilization chamber dimensions
– height 260 mm
– width 380 mm
– depth 650 mm
Chamber volume
– total 64 l
– usable 50 l
Sterilization trays
– dimensions 610 x 320 mm
– quantity 2
Sterilizing factor – hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 58%
Sterilization temperature 50–55°C
Electrical power supply ~230V, 50 Hz
Power 3,5 kW
Weight 200 kg