The F108 series is the simplest range of heat sealers offered by SMS, but has the most advanced models in this category of heat sealers in the world.

Each model is equipped with a keyboard that lets the user precisely set the sealing temperature, which is visible on the LGD display of the heat sealer.

The F108 series consists of 3 models: F108, F108 TX and F108 TX-P.

The F108 is the most basic model.

The F108 TX and F108 TX-P are equipped with an automatic start transport function, a reverse transport function and a seal counter with alarm.

The F108 TX-P allows the user to control all seal parameters and has a USB module. However, an Ethernet connection is available as an additional option.

All models are equipped with an RS232 port for updating the device software. In the F108 TX-P model, the RS232 port can also be used to connect the fuser to a computer in order to read parameters from an external monitoring program.

  • adjustable seal distance from the edge of the sterilization sleeve (10 – 35 mm)
  • microprocessor controlled
  • digital menu operation
  • easy parameter setup and temperature indicator
  • overheating protection
  • self-adjusting roller pressure
  • adjustable seal counter with alarm
  • automatic transportation start when the sealing temperature is reached (TX and TX-P models)
  • reverse transportation feature (TX and TX-P models)
  • standby function
  • stainless steel housing