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MEDOK Software

Each sterilizer manufactured by SMS can operate in computer network environment. As an optional feature,
SMS offers the MEDOK system – special dedicated software (created by ELMI Poland), and designed for evidencing operation of individual sterilizers or central sterilizing departments. The main component of the system is the DOKUMENTATOR module.

Product description:
automatic evidencing of the operation of the entire sterilizer (cycle data, sterilizer configuration data, service data and many others), by saving the information on a computer hard disc, in a protected database
saved data is retrieved on various screens, which are defined according to the content being displayed
comprehensive information on the process progress in a form of graph, progress bar and messages, delivered during the sterilizing cycle
applicable for registering and evidencing operation of an entire central sterilizing plant. Versatility of the application involves not only the possibility to connect sterilizers, but also other equipment, such as washer-disinfectors and rotary heat sealers as well
data export in various formats (such as xls – MS Excel
format), possibility to analyse the stored data, generating
lists, reports and printouts
option for determining the F0 (sterilization efficiency) coefficient in the software
managing the tests carried out and storing their results
managing program settings changes and saving them
protection against corruption of stored data – the program offers data saving/recalling option and automatic data indexing

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